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Principal Designer Dani Miller Purchases Lauderdale Design Group

Principal Designer Dani Miller announced today that she has acquired Lauderdale Design Group, the Knoxville-based design firm where she began her career as an intern eleven years ago. Prior to purchasing the business, she had served as its Design Director since 2019. Former owner Joy Lauderdale will remain with the business and take on the title of Founder.

Building on the successful foundation Lauderdale established for the 20-year-old design group, Miller’s primary goal is to consistently strive for excellence in interior design. She believes clients should feel as if they’ve been on an inspiring design journey. “We want our clients to feel clever, connected to the work, and wanting more,” she explains.

While continuing in the contract commercial and higher education markets that have provided a foundation to the business, Miller plans to grow into new market sectors and will draw from experience she gained working with Cadillac at their global headquarters in Manhattan. “I want our Knoxville clients’ experiences to be much like the ones I had in New York and around the world,” Miller says. “In NYC, I was surrounded by great design – the restaurants, the shows, the shops, the businesses, and offices – in the city, creative thinking and design application is tangible. There is a reason that you leave feeling inspired. I want our firm and the projects we produce to have a connectedness to the projects you experience in major metro markets.”

For Miller, becoming owner of the business where she once got her start as an intern is a true full-circle moment. “I feel so fortunate to have experienced the business from all seats and I’m excited to take it forward,” she says. “I believe the team and their unique strengths are the heartbeat of the business. We’ll always strive for design excellence, and have some fun along the way.”

About Dani Miller

Dani Miller joined LDG as a design intern in 2012. After working there for several years as a project designer, she moved to the brand implementation firm Principle Global, which offered her project job site experience with international brands. She went on to work with Cadillac at their global headquarters managing the international rebrand for their next corporate identity. While there, she managed project job sites in seven global regions, traveling as far as Shanghai, China. Miller re-joined Lauderdale in 2019 as the design director.

About Lauderdale Design Group

Founded by Joy Lauderdale in 2002, Lauderdale Design Group is a full service interior design firm working on commercial and residential projects. The design staff is professionally educated and licensed by industry and government standards. The design team continually expands its knowledge and experience through travel, research, and study, yielding an agile, versatile, and creative group. Over the twenty year period, Lauderdale Design Group has produced many award-winning projects, recognized by various organizations, including the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the International Interior Design Association (IIDA).

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